Bible Study – Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

Summary of Matthew 23:1-12 teaching from February 22nd, 2023:

In 23:1-12, Jesus began a new discourse, denouncing the scribes and Pharisees.

As these men sat in Moses’ seat as teachers of the law, Jesus commanded the people to faithfully obey the teaching of the law and to respect the office that these men held, BUT to beware following the actions of such wicked men: men whose lives did not match their words. Why? Because the evidence of Jesus’ claim could be clearly observed. The religious leaders held the people to standards that crushed them with its oppressive demands, while they stood by, unwilling to lift a finger to help the people.

Meanwhile, these scribes and Pharisees went to great lengths to be seen in public, doing “good.” Instead of considering the content of their hearts, they merely observed laws, obsessing over each detail, taking everything in the most literalistic ways possible. Filled with pride, these men loved to be publicly honored, especially in being called rabbi.

Yet Jesus rebuked such sinful pride, reminding the people and His disciples that true followers of God were all on equal footing as brothers and sisters with one Father, their Father in heaven.

The only instructor that they truly needed was the Christ. But the Pharisees willfully rejected Jesus as the Christ, and their instruction of the people stood in great opposition to the revealed will of God. The Pharisees exalted themselves: Jesus said that the one who humbles himself will be exalted!

Listen to last week’s teaching on Matthew 23:1-12 below.