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At Harvest Bible Fellowship Church, we firmly hold to regular expository preaching and teaching of the Bible. A majority of our teaching and preaching is focused on sequential exposition through chapters and books of the Bible in their entirety. In this approach: we read the text, we explain the text, and we give practical application from the text. Each time we gather, we pick up where we left off. Because all of the Bible is valuable and worthy of our attention, we examine each verse closely, not skipping over verses or sections of Scripture.

In expository preaching/teaching, the text of Scripture is what drives the main thrust of the message. The text is carefully examined to understand what it says, what it warns of, what it promises, and what it offers. The expositor is simply God’s mouthpiece declaring what God’s Word says. As the expositor expounds the text, he is digging into the passage to give the sense of it from the perspectives of language, grammar, history, geography, doctrine, and context. Furthermore, he must explain how the text fits within the whole of Scripture.

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Musical Worship

Our worship services consist of singing, reading, praying, and preaching God’s Word. The music that we sing is simple and…

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