Bible Study – Wednesday August 2, 2023

We began our study of the Gospel according to Matthew on January 21, 2021, and formally concluded it on August 2, 2023. Over the course of those 917 days of Bible study, we immersed ourselves deeply into each of the 28 chapters of Matthew’s gospel narrative. Each part of our study served to reinforce the primary theme of Jesus the King! We carefully considered time and time again Matthew’s theological focus: the kingdom of God. From the genealogy of Jesus to His advent, His life, His ministry, His teachings, His miracles, His interactions with friends and enemies, His demonstrations of divine power, His betrayal, His arrest, His interrogation, His physical torture, His suffering and real death on the cross, His burial, His glorious resurrection, His appearance to the women and the to the Eleven, and His final words of commission to the Eleven, Matthew accomplishes his purpose of revealing and demonstrating that Jesus is the promised Messiah, resurrected from the dead, for salvation hinges upon faith and confession of this truth.

The following is the final teaching to this series on Matthew and presents a comprehensive overview and recap of the entire book. Listen to this teaching on Matthew 1-28 by clicking on the link below: