Bible Study – Wednesday August 16, 2023

In a second consecutive “Between-The-Books” Bible study before embarking upon a lengthy study in The Acts According to the Apostles, we looked back to the Pentateuch, specifically to Numbers 21 where the people of Israel’s grumbling and rebellion against God and His spokesman Moses caused God to judge the people with a plague of fiery serpents. When the people repented, Moses made a bronze serpent (at the direction of Yahweh) and set it on a pole, exhorting those who were bitten by serpents to physically look at the bronze serpent for healing and life. Of course, this event of physical salvation typified THE event of spiritual salvation when the Son of Man would be lifted up upon a pole (the cross) so that all who would look by faith to Jesus alone for spiritual cleansing would be healed, receiving eternal life (cf. John 3:14-15).

The following teaching presents the context of Numbers, beginning with a survey of Numbers 1-20, demonstrating time and time again the unbelief, complaining, and resistant behavior that the people of Israel demonstrated towards a God who had been so gracious to them. Even Moses’ own brother and sister spoke out against him, but God continued to validate Moses as His singular spokesman … for it was Moses whom He had called, and it was Moses who as an intercessor and mediator was a type of THE Intercessor and Mediator: Jesus Christ. Listen to this teaching on Numbers 21:4-9 by clicking on the link below: