Bible Study – Wednesday April 26, 2023

In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus concluded the Olivet Discourse by describing the Final Judgment in a very dramatic and symbolic way. The portrayal of such a significant, universal event that brings the present evil age to a close pays special attention to the permanent division and judgment of true and false disciples. When the Son of Man returns in His refulgent glory along with the entire host of angels, He will have come to judge all people. Seated upon His glorious throne, King Jesus divides all the nations into 2 groups: one group (symbolized as sheep) are placed at His right hand, and the other group (symbolized as goats) are placed at His left hand.

The sheep on His right are called blessed and enthusiastically welcomed into eternal life, directed to inherit the kingdom which has been prepared for them. Jesus then describes the evidence which proves out how they have truly loved Him, showing that their love for Him has been evidenced through their love for Christ’s people and their acts of mercy to bring relief to disciples who have suffered greatly because of their allegiance to Christ. To act in loving mercy to the people of God is to do such kindness to Christ Himself!

The goats on His left are called cursed and condemned to depart from the blessed presence of God into everlasting hellfire, to the place prepared for Satan and his fallen angels. Despite professing Christ’s name, their failure to show merciful love to Christ’s people bears out this simple but sobering truth: they do not love Christ! Although surprised, the blessed sheep will respond with unrestrained joy, for they, the righteous will go into eternal life. The cursed goats will also be surprised but also indignant, realizing that God sees and judges the inner condition of every person. They, the unrighteous, will go into eternal punishment.

Christ’s judgments are permanent and eternal. Every person will hear a pronouncement of judgment by King Jesus. What words will you hear? Listen to last week’s teaching on Matthew 25:31-46 below.