Harvest Bible Fellowship Church

A Local Body of Believers

We are a Reformed Bible Fellowship Church located just outside of Boyertown, Pennsylvania serving Pottstown, Boyertown, and the surrounding township. We are determined to ensure Biblical fidelity in an age when the Bible has become subservient to everyone’s thoughts and feelings. A high view of Scripture is at the heart of all that we do as a church body. We believe, teach, and preach the Five Solas rekindled during the Protestant Reformation as revealed in Scripture; that salvation is by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, as revealed through Scripture Alone, to the Glory of God Alone.

A Bible Fellowship Church

What is a BFC Church?

The Bible Fellowship Church is a fellowship of local churches, centered upon the Word of God, and committed to reaching the lost through the transforming power of the Gospel. Over 10,000 people gather for worship in our churches every week. The BFC seeks to plant churches within the United States, as well as reach individuals for Jesus Christ all over the world through international missions.1

Harvest Bible Fellowship Church became a particular BFC church on June 2, 2019 and enjoys the fellowship, support, and opportunity to reach individuals with the Word of God throughout the world alongside our BFC brothers and sisters.

1The Bible Fellowship Church, https://bfc.org/

Barry Parsons
Barry ParsonsPastor Elder
Ron Mioni
Ron MioniElder
Ron Kasper
Ron KasperElder
Luke Parsons
Luke ParsonsElder
Andrew Vasel
Andrew VaselElder

Godly Leadership

A Plurality of Elders

Harvest is led by a plurality of elders. We believe that the Bible teaches two church offices: elder and deacon. Elders/overseers/pastors/shepherds, as mandated by scripture, are tasked with the preaching/teaching ministry and spiritual well being of the local church body. Deacons are focused on the physical care of the church body. We are committed to ongoing leadership training of men within our church so that the next generation will carry on in Biblical orthodoxy.

  • above reproach

  • husband of one wife

  • sober-minded

  • self-controlled

  • respectable

  • hospitable

  • able to teach

  • not a drunkard

  • not violent but gentle

  • not quarrelsome

  • not a lover of money

  • manage household well

  • dignified

  • not double-tongued

  • not addicted to much wine

  • not greedy for dishonest gain

  • hold the mystery of faith